Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stop me before I blog again!
So, I have been really busy at work this week, which is good.
I have also been busy with the previously mentioned "surprise."
Clearly, I have also been a busy blogger this week.

Well, next week is a Holiday and who knows how much will get done then? Boy child is looking forward to all the fireworks in the neighborhood. We've told him we love him too much to let him near fireworks himself, but we can set up chairs and blankets in the backyard and enjoy what others are doing. Neither of us are crazy about all the fireworks in our neighborhood. What part of letting people play with fire and explosives seems like a good idea? Add in a lot of alcohol, or a party down the street at the home of the guy who should be in drug rehab , and it just seems like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it? Our paper said there were almost 800 firework-related fires in our state last year, costing millions of dollars in damages. Great - but keep 'em legal! *sarcasm* I'm all for just allowing big, community-sponsored, public displays.

We are hoping for good weather so we can camp in the backyard this weekend as a kick-off the 4th of July Holiday. That will be fun for a day or two, then back to work Monday and Tuesday, and a Holiday Wednesday. Fun to break up the week like that with family time! I can't believe all the good family time we are getting in. Love the summer!

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