Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tribute to my wife

This is a quick acknowledgement that often my wife is a saint for putting up with our children. Son was in quite a mood tonight. Everything caused an argument, meltdown, whine-fest or snotty tone. We had moments of fun, then it would be ruined by a meltdown. He woke up at 5:00am and would not go to sleep, so was completely overtired. Pointing that out only caused cries of "I'm not tired." Right. I am so grateful to not have had to listen to that all day.

Thank you, Casey! You Rock!


patti_cake said...

I feel ya, when do the meltdowns end? When?

Dakota said...
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Dakota said...

When indeed?!
A co-worker told me of the screaming, falling-on-the-floor tantrum her 9-year-old daughter had just the other day. They walked around her, ignored her, and wondered out loud when she would stop. Ugh.
Good luck to us all!