Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My job is safe.
*whew* That is a small, tentative sigh of relief.

I was told yesterday that my position is remaining and my co-worker is being laid off. We are in a union. We are in the same classification. He has been around longer and could possibly bump me, not necessarily knowing it is me. My position is still being classified as .80, which is what I want, and my co-worker wants full time work. So, I think I am safe as long as he refuses part-time work. He had a great job interview yesterday. We are all (many co-workers) hoping he gets it. It's hard for me to feel good about keeping my job knowing that my teammate is being kicked out. If he lands in an even better position, then I can be happy. Don't get me wrong - I am grateful to be safe and employed. Really grateful. While I had been kind of hoping to move into the environmental field sooner than later, I had come to the conclusion that not moving was my top choice. This will allow me the flexibility I need to take the classes I want, while working not-quite full time in a position that is not terribly taxing so I can save some brain-power for classes.

So, send positive thoughts for my co-worker to get a job offer soon so that I can be safe in my position, and be happy for us both!


Lynn said...

What wonderful news. The same job and the same flexibility. That other job is on the horizon when you don't need the flexibility. I'm so happy and am sending very positive thoughts for your co-worker. Let everyone be happy!

patti_cake said...

Consider the positive thoughts sent and I wish happiness and prosperity for you both!