Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad coffee and good friends
Note to self, the coffee that is currently in the kitchen at work, when mixed with the vanilla creamer at my desk produces a smell and leaves taste in my mouth that reminds me of walking past the elephant area at the zoo. This is a bad thing. Do not mix those two items in the future. *gag*

Today I had breakfast with a friend I've known since my first day of high school nearly 26 years ago. (Damn! Has it really been that long? Fall of 1981....yes. *gasp*) We were best friends in high school, dealing with all the highs and lows those years produce, staying in touch as we went our separate ways into college and the military, losing touch for many years as marriage, a child, and eventual divorce happened for her, and coming out, dealing with my first couple of lesbian relationships, marriage and having our first child happened to me, and eventually finding each other again now that we've become relatively stable, responsible adults. This person reminds me a lot of my wife and the two of them get along well, mainly due to a similar wicked sense of humor. We've both been busy raising a family, going to school, working full time, and have not had nearly enough time to spend together. She is an amazing, ambitious woman, and I am so grateful to have her as a friend. She's just accepted a great job in another city, fortunately not too far away, but I will miss knowing she is nearby and that we might work in a short visit during a break in our schedules.

Mieke asked a while back about lesbians and needing women friends. Yes, we all need our friends, especially those special ones that have known us forever, know all our crazy stories and love us anyway.


patti_cake said...

Yep, true friends are gold. I'm so sorry yours is moving far away.

Casey said...

Me too. I'm sorry she is moving away. I'm going to miss her - though I know not nearly as much as you. :(