Thursday, September 27, 2007

Whine about Meal Planning

When you have to eat two meals away from home, meal planning can be a real pain. OK, no matter what, meal planning can be a real pain. Don't expect me to offer any answers here - I have none.

I have recently started trying to pack a fair amount of food into work on Mondays - the makings of at least a couple meals - cheese, fruit, Coke - and figure I can supplement that as needed. It's nice having a 'fridg at work where I can safely keep my food. Still, sometimes I don't want to eat what I brought or it seems like too much trouble to prepare to take to school for dinner. (Trouble = open can of chili, add some cheese and cranberry sauce, find containers for it and for the leftovers. My threshold for "trouble" is apparently low these days.) Sometimes it seems like some diet pills
would be easier. They don't even have to be ones to help me lose weight, although, that would be a bonus, but ones that would provide nourishment, like a meal replacement, THAT would be handy!

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Kathy said...

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