Monday, September 24, 2007

Escape to Seaside!

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday.

I was supposed to be going to do my homework.

I wanted to go to the beach.

The beach won!

For details, check out Wife's blog.

I am now fitting in my homework in between work and classes. I'll end up taking some time off of work tomorrow, but it was worth it! Even though the weather on the coast was not supposed to be particularly nice, it ended up warm and wonderful! Lots of good time with the kids, and Wife and I dreaming of a kid-free weekend. (In reality, none of us is ready for that....but kids asleep by 6:30, or a babysitter so we could enjoy some shopping and quiet dining time sure would be nice!) The bright side of fitting in last minute studying, is that the material will be fresh in my mind. That almost never happens! I study on Friday for my next Tuesday and Wednesday classes. This could be good! (Like how I rationalize my impulsive behavior?)


patti_cake said...

Hey you get super mega points for being so spontaneous. Seriously Dakota you freakin' ROCK.
I would FAINT if the hub ever did something like that.
Glad you had a nice "escape".

Dakota said...

Patti_Cake - Thank you. That is sweet of you to say :) I wish I could claim purely selfless intent, but hey, I am a BIG vacation fan. Nothing I like better than being with my family on vacation!

Lynilu said...

If you don't take mini-vacations from the books, you'll be a grumpy ol' woman! Isn't it interesting how we can make up for lost study? :) Yeah, it is always worth it!!