Thursday, September 27, 2007

That Time of the Semester

After class yesterday a friend mentioned to me that she seems to have hit that point in the semester where everything stops making sense and the amount of information to learn seems overwhelming. I haven't hit that wall yet, but know it will come. It always does. Maybe it's not a wall....maybe it is....I don't know...something that just has to be ridden out and acknowledged, but you know you will get over. It is sort of a storm - you can't see through it, and aren't making any forward headway - but it will clear.

So - if you are coming up on that storm, or the storm is coming up on you - grab your rain gear and have faith that it will clear.


Lynilu said...

I remember those days when I was in school, working, and trying to keep the house running with kids that had busy schedules in high school and college. Occasionally I just ground to a halt, threatening to quit school. This was especially true in grad school. Fortunately my hub would say tings like, "I haven't put up with all this for this long just to have you give up!"

It is really hard at times, isn't it?

Dakota said...

Yes, some days it is really hard. Depends on which part of the roller coaster I'm on. Other days, it is quite exhilarating :)

Thanks for the supportive words!