Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Am Not Gay Enough

...or at least, my blog is not. According to someone's blog that Wife found, our blogs are only "Gay-like." I thought at first it was "Gay-Lite," you know, all the fun but with 1/3 less calories? So, feeling "not gay enough" I brainstormed this with my fellow law students.

We did find some flaws in my/our lifestyle. We had not taught our 5-year-old son how to play any form of baseball or softball until recently. We do not play golf, or tennis, or any sport really. I did get points for being able to reference "toaster ovens" (the fabled prize for recruiting lesbians into our secret society - made famous by Ellen Degeneres on her previous tv show.) I think I should get points for being a woman married to another woman. I don't drive a pick-up truck or a Subaru. I don't write much about the S&M dungeon in our basement, because, after all, all good gay people have a wild sex life. I am also not political enough. Do I get points for my son proudly telling everyone he meets that he has two mamas? Maybe there is not enough drama in that. People just smile at him and tell him what a lucky boy he is. Perhaps that is it - lack of gay drama.

Guess I am not gay enough.


nikk said...

As your friend of 20+ years, and the girl whose high school boyfriend you took (AND slept with through college) I say that you're just gay enough.

Dakota said...

Damm - I've been busted! Well, things all balance out as we get older and wiser!
(Yes, I went out with my best friend's barely ex-boyfriend...but I did NOT sleep with him until college. Didn't want to be just another statistic, you know. I know, I know - amazing we stayed friends, right?)

yankeegirl said...

If lack of drama is the criteria may I never be "gay enough"! lol