Friday, September 21, 2007

Law School Schedule Blues

So, we are one month into this new semester, and I must admit, none of us (the family) have adjusted well to this new schedule, yet. Fortunately, we've had no "normal" five day weeks where there wasn't a first day of Kindergarten, or a Holiday, or a human or computer virus to remove me from either work or school for a few extra hours with the family.

Five full days is a long time to go without seeing Baby Girl (who is really no longer a baby, but still the baby in our family). I generally see the Boy in the morning before I get up. He is an early riser, and likes to get up to spend time with me, even if he is only watching tv on the couch while I rush around feeding cats, dogs and myself. Wife and I spend half an hour up to 2 hours together some nights, but by then we are both pretty beat, and the together time is mostly vegging in front of the tv after taking care of any "must do-s".

Yup - weekends are the best! Sleeping in, hanging out playing and reading stories to the kids, watching movies (oh, and the shopping and other chores), and just all being together. That's what it's about, isn't it?

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


patti_cake said...

This is not forever and it's for the greater good.
I really admire y'all because I know it's harder than you make it sound much of the time. You & Casey rock!

Mieke said...

I hear ya. I am spending the time with the boys that I need to, but not the time reflecting on my reading. Any thoughts on Property? How did you embrace it?

Lynilu said...

Being together is exactly what it is about. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Dakota said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Mieke - I sent an email to your personal address.