Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 Stages of Computer Virus Grief

We were hit by a computer virus...no,correction, computer viruses and spyware. Hit hard. I was on the phone with a gazillion agents from Geek Squad on and off through various antivirus sweeps for approximately 40 hours before giving up and asking for a refund.

It was quite an emotional and physical ordeal. I realized, as I was going through it, that there were stages to this process.

1) Anger. Damn. Porn Pop-ups when I am not even on the internet. Great. Just what I want the kids to see.

2) Hope. Geek Squad can help for just $99. Nice, knowledgeable agents available 24/7. Lots of tools. This problem can be fixed.

3) Despair. Nothing is working. Even when the analysis says the system is clean, it is not. We are embarking on another 2 hour and 40 minutes sweep, after which they will look at it again. This will never end. I should throw my computer out the window now.

4) Resignation. Eventually something will work out, somehow. We'll probably have to dump the whole system and start over. I'm too tired and drained to care much anymore. Whatever.

5) Acceptance. System is infected beyond repair. Let's save personal files, wipe out the entire system and start fresh. Better yet, let's pay someone else to do it. Let's have him install more memory, while he is at it. It will be better than new, soon!(Thanks for the recommendation, Nikk.)

An entire lost day of work and classes, countless hours on the phone, and two very NOT relaxing "family" nights at home, and it looks like the problem will be resolved by Thursday morning.

Those responsible for viruses and spyware deserve to suffer a very long and painful death.


Casey said...

Totally agree! The minds that come up with this stuff should be used for good, not evil. Just imagine the good that might come to the world if instead of trying to destroy they tried to fix.

But....at least this part is over. It feels so much less stressful in the house now that the CPU is off to be repaired. Peaceful, in a way. I'm sorry you aren't here to feel the difference in the energy level. It's soooo nice. :)

Lynilu said...

Computers!!! Can't live with 'em, and sure cant live without 'em!! Certainly not while attending grad school!!