Friday, September 07, 2007

Annoying Sales Pages

I guess this is a Friday rant. I'll come up with something at the end to offset it, deal?

Has anyone else done a fair amount of internet research on pretty much any topic about which you could buy an informational product product or service - making money as a stay-at-home mom, home internet business, conscious creation, how to succeed in X? Have you become annoyed by the "sales letters" or "sales pages" or "promotional pages"? They all look the same and have the same features, and all because internet marketing experts tell small business owners this is what works. Really? Still? I mostly find them irritating.

They go like this....Do you need X, Y and Z? I am an expert in X, Y and Z because blah, blah, blah. Here is all the really cool stuff you will learn/receive. How much would you pay? Wait before you answer, you will also get all this really valuable stuff (and you know is is valuable because I am putting a large dollar number next to it)absolutely free when you buy my product. Now, are you ready to buy? Wait! You also get a money back guarantee (because studies show most people will not ask for their money back). Cool, right? Finally, the price and easy payment options.

Clearly, this technique does work, and if I think back to my childhood, they've been selling Ginsu knives on tv with the same basic ad format for years and years. Tried and true method. Still, I find them irritating and will be happy when I stumble across someone doing something unique rather than a version of the same thing that is everywhere.

I'm done now.

OK - good thing about today: It is Friday, which means, if I read fast this afternoon and get the last 5/8 of my homework done, the next two days are family days! It may have technically been a short week, but it felt long for all of us. Starting Kindergarten is emotionally draining, but hey - Son seems happy and at this point, that is what really counts.

Happy Weekend!

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Audra said...

I used to work at one of those companies that answered the 1800 number infomercial calls. Most of the things we sold were a scam. I worked there for one week. I did not want to rip off elderly and other people.

Granted, some of the products are fabulous. The George Foreman grill was originally an infomercial product.

But when you call, the rep on the phone gladly takes your card number, then has to push you to buy into at least 3 other products of "clubs" (dvds, music collections, etc)

I can still feel the grime from working there!