Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kindergarten - Day 2

Another succesful day for our Kindergarten Boy! Yippee! Today he didn't even want Wife to meet him at the school when getting off the bus. They compromised and she waited outside of his classroom, but he found his own way from the bus to the room. She said he looked little and scared, but when he saw her his face lit up and he happily ran to his classroom. Good thing Wife was there, as he had been reassigned to a different teacher, which was, as he put it "his dream come true!" He really like the other kindergarten teacher better than the one he'd originally been assigned, so we are all happy about that.

I tell you, no amount of skin care products could possibly give me the happy glow I have knowing that my boy is happy.


Audra said...

fantastic! So glad for Kelton!

patti_cake said...

Yep there is nothing like your kid being happy! So glad Kelton is doing okay at school.