Saturday, September 08, 2007

School and Home: Two Different Worlds

Wow! The less I am around home, the harder it is to be there sometimes. Isn't that odd? I miss spending time with my kids and wife, but the less I am there, the less tolerance I have for the crazy messes - the cars, the little men, the castle parts, the doll house parts, the jigsaw puzzle
parts, and the books scattered everywhere. The noise is a bit insane sometimes, especially compared with how quiet work and school are. Then again, I look around, and my two-year old plops herself down on my lap with a book and asks in the sweetest voice, "You read this to me, Mama?" and all the craziness is worthwhile.

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Lynilu said...

First I got a giggle as I was reading along and read "little men" and I thought you might be referring to some of the, uhm, persons you encounter in the school setting (!!), then read on and had to laugh at myself. I wonder what I was projecting!!

The end of the post was just beautiful. So true. I posted on one of my blogs about just that, an experience with my little one (a *long* time ago!). Go read this:

Yes, they make it all worth while.