Saturday, February 27, 2010

Writing Challenge #2

Lynilu's words to prompt this fictional post (OK, it is a real post, just fictitious subject matter):
ocean, mystery, thoughtful, China.

The old man gave the timepiece in his hand one last thoughtful gaze before throwing it out into the ocean waves. He imagined he could see it sinking, the light glimmering off it's golden surface, but in reality, the water was far too dark and his throw far too forceful for that. He turned and walked back down the old wooden pier, knowing this would be the last time he walked the familiar weathered planks.

He glanced at the watch on his wrist. It was not of the same quality as the one he'd just tossed. This one was made in China and only cost him $30, but it kept good time. It was nearly 7:00pm. His daughter would be arriving with her husband and their daughter soon. Not that many month ago, he was sure he didn't feel old enough to be a grandpa to a 10-year-old, despite the birth date on his driver's license. Tonight, he felt like he could be her great-grandpa. It had been a rough few weeks and the next couple of days were not going to be any easier.

The mystery of his wife's death had haunted the small coastal down of Dalton for most of the past 5 years. The local police officially considered it an unsolved, but active, case, but unofficially believed the person responsible was just a passerby and the case never would be solved. They were wrong, and the horrible, ugly truth was about to be uncovered.


Lynilu said...

OK, I want the rest of the story! Well done, Dakota!

I did something similar, but on a larger scale, several years ago. I received a list of "fractured metaphors" in an email, so I took the list and created a story around it. What fun! If you are interested in reading it, go here: Be forewarned, it is in three posts: the list in this first one, and the story in the subsequent two.

Dakota said...

Lynilu - that was hysterical! I love that kind of writing exercise. Gets the ol' imagination fired up. You are a funny woman!