Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sad when a blogger slacks, isn't it? Readers drop off, stats go down, people get bored. By golly, almost makes me want to post about some drama just to watch what happens. Casey and I know...oh my gosh, you should have seen how high our stats went when we first broke up! (Just wanted to see if I could use "golly" and "gosh" in the same paragraph.)

People love a good drama - look at all the reality TV shows. Hey - do you think that is part of why blogs are so popular? They are like mini reality shows, a peak into the life of another person, and maybe, just maybe that person's life is more tragic/romantic/luxurious/violent/decadent...etc. than our own. More...more anything is somehow intriguing.

I'll work on the MORE and see what I can stir up!


Lynilu said...

'Bout time!

Mimi said...

I look at Casey's blog everyday....your maybe once a week...because you don't update like she does......and I have been doing this way before the break up.....I feel like I know your family......been reading for a couple of years......