Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wii Miss Our Wii

I am sad to report that my family is now wii-less. We have been wii-less for a few weeks (wiiks?) now. Our previously much beloved game unit stopped accepting games into the game slot. Was something else jammed in there by mischievous little hands, or did it simply break? We will never know.

Fortunately, I did not need to know. The place where we bought the wii said the unit was still under warranty, no need to even pull out the extended warranty which had been purchased, and happily refunded my money. Sadly, there were no replacement units available...uh....anywhere...possibly in any of their stores in all of the world. OK, the sales clerk did not say that, but did imply it.

We took the gift card, said we'd check back in a couple weeks, and went along our merry way. Sadly, the unit still has not been replaced. This weekend we had a close call, but apparently we'd been misinformed about the 27 units waiting to be released at 10:00 Sunday morning.

Anyway, when we do get the until we will be money ahead since the price has since dropped by $50. That would just cover the new game that Kelton would dearly love to have: Super Mario Brothers, Wii. He has the game on DS and enjoys it very much. We played it together while pet/house-sitting a few weeks ago. Big fun for all...and fun hearing Kelton try to teach Kaylen so he would have someone to play with him. He can be very patient when he puts his mind to it.

This is standard Mario fare - Mario and friends jump over obstacles, defeat bad guys, collect coins, and generally work their way through several screens of play with varying difficulty levels. I'm not a huge gamer. I enjoy Mario Kart and a few other games, but will never be addicted (I know, never say never!) the way my son is. I can tell by his enthusiasm though, and rumor on the street (Yes, I do spend a lot of time on the street talking video games.), that this game totally rocks. What distinguishes it from similar games is the multi-player function, plus, of course, the general coolness of the wii interactivity.

Fun for all. I don't think I will rush right out and buy it, but probably wait for a good sale and pick it up in time for Kelton's birthday.

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