Thursday, February 25, 2010

Challenge for myself and my readers

So, I love to write, fiction, non-fiction, to-do lists, whatever. I know that to be mentally healthy I need to be writing. I've learned this about myself in the past, a lesson I should not ignore, but often do. Sometimes I fulfill the need through school or work projects, or through email. If you've been on the receiving end of my more lengthy emails - my apologies, and my thanks. You know who you are. I have started doing a bit of writing in the evenings, some of it that may someday be worthy of sharing. We'll see.

Here's something I am going to toss out there, both to give me a challenge and to involve my loyal readers. In the comments section, provide me with three or four words - random, related, unrelated, doesn't matter, and let me know if you want fiction or non-fiction. I will then create a post using all your words. If this turns out fun, I have another couple idea generators in mind.

Are you game?


Lynilu said...

OK .... fiction: ocean, mystery, thoughtful, China.

nikk said...

marshmallow fluff, platypus, quantum physics

Dakota said...

Lynilu - thank you!

Nikk - you nut - you know I am smiling!

I will see if I can get to both of these this weekend.

Stella said...

make mine a 'non-fiction'

Kerry said...

Sasquatch,trombone, broccoli, sail