Friday, February 12, 2010


A person can find a lot of strange things on the internet. Understatement, right?
Yesterday, I was amusing myself with pictures of slugs. (Better not to ask, but if you are a Facebook friend of mine, you will have seen them.) The day before it was music on YouTube. Somehow I came across the term: conjugated linoleic acid. What? I always thought conjugation had to do with verbs. Apparently there is grammatical conjugation, mathematical conjugation, and conjugation associated with bioscience, physics and chemistry. There is also that associated with a conjugal visit...but wait....conjugation also refers to marriage, which is defined in the Wiki article I was reading as a "relationship between two or more individuals." WHAT? Did polygamy pass while I was busy concentrating on same-sex marriage?

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Lynilu said...

Haaaaaa ha ha ha ha!!! You crack me up!!!