Friday, February 26, 2010

Post For Irritating, Insecure Men

I'm going to post a slightly off-color, inappropriate comment here.
(Got your attention?)

There are a few men who I have irritated in the past few months, or more, basically because I am smarter, funnier and sexier than they are.

Guess most smart women, straight or lesbian, can say that right?


Well, to you men. Yes - I can out think you. Yes - I am funnier than you. Yes - I can outperform you - in and out of bed. Get over yourself and get out of my way.

OK, I am done now.

I will now resume my regularly scheduled, and mostly appropriate blogging.


Lynilu said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha! You go girl!!!

JB said...

Right on, baby! (And, Lynilu looks uncannily {read: exactly} like Casey!)

Casey said...

What? Lynilu looks like me? What?