Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Part III

Yes, so the kids enjoyed Planet 51 and so did I. I took the kids to the mall by myself - something I've hardly ever done - and bought a new $100 water and wind-resistant coat for $30. Score! Last year's winter coat bit the dust...killed the zipper.

Anyway, we spent lots of good time together, sometimes I played with the kids, sometimes they played with each other or by themselves. The frantic-ness of needing MY time ALL the time was greatly diminished by the second day. Better than it has been in months. I think the kids have felt the reduction of tension, and even though it is hard to be separated, I think they are experiencing some benefits, too.

I do find myself eating a lot more junk food when with them. I am not at the point of needing slimming pills after a weekend with them...but if I don't watch myself, I will! We polished off a pack of cookies, movie candy and popcorn. My blood gets thicker just thinking about it. Glad to be back on the green smoothies today!

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