Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The New Year Begins

So it begins....every other weekend visits with my kids, and a couple dinners/bedtimes per week. Sad. Sad to not wake up and find a little boy stumbling out of bed so he can spend time with me before work, or a little girl sneaking around the corner, happy to have woken up in time to say "Good morning" in her sweet, little voice.

In some ways, this will not be terribly different from how much I saw them during law school...when weekends were only one day per week....now I have them two days in a row, every other week. Not much different...and very different.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had this past weekend...making crayons in Kelton's new crayon melting machine, and making edible play-doh that the kids decorated as cookies and ate.

Know that both of your mommies love you, little ones.


Lynilu said...

Children are very resilient. Not that anything is better than living with both parents, but that doesn't mean their lives will be less than full and happy. My own two kids are grown, happy, successful professionals who are happy to have their parents both present at any event in their lives. Their dad and I were able to forge a new relationship in which the kids came first, and our differences stayed out of their earshot. We are actually good friends, although it took a few years to say "friends."

No, not easy, but so worth it. And I love those pics! Once again, good luck to all four of you.

Mimi said...


Tina said...

How is that crayon making thing? I saw it and almost bought it for David. Worth it? I like that it pours the wax into a crayon shape, but I know that you can just melt crayons in the oven with silicone molds.

Dakota said...

Thanks Lynilu and Mimi!

Tina - the crayon maker was fun...the kids and I liked watching the crayons melt. There is a design flaw though that did not allow the pouring function to work right when the tray is in the flat, melting position. So, we had to tip the whole machine. For $20 on sale, probably worth it. Who knows how much it will get used, but seems like it will be fun now and then.

sri said...

The relation between parents and children is very memorable and precious.We cant forget not even a single moment spent with them.I simply love these pictures.
sri@ link wheels

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun, and the quality of your time with them will make a big impression on them.

ps - I have recently linked you into my bLAWgroll and you're also mentioned in http://neverbeenlivedbefore.blogspot.com/2010/01/les-blawgs-roundup-1.html

Happy weekend!