Friday, January 15, 2010

Odd Posts?

Sometimes as a blogger, it is hard to know what to blog about. Sure, the personal life stuff sure gets the stats up there, and sometimes gets some interesting emails and comments flying, but a person has to be cautious about how much to put out there into the blogosphere. You want to inform friends, but not the freaks. Finding a balance between talking about personal life, the benefits of colon cleanse, digital photo frames and the weather can be a tricky business. Sometimes, I guess I just write about whatever strikes me, and hope it is at least mildly entertaining. My weekend with the kids is coming up....perhaps next week there will be photos!


Anonymous said...

Casey bought you a xmas present after you dumped her???
What a woman!!!
I'm glad you are out of the picture so the rest of us can have a chance at this AMAZING woman.
You don't seem to realize what you tossed away! I guess you are too busy dreaming about new adventures...Go... enjoy....
We'll make sure she has everything she needs.

Dakota said...

Anonymous -
I am glad Casey has good friends taking care of her. I know she is an amazing woman. She deserves to have someone in her life that can really bring out the best in her. I don't think that was me anymore.

Lynilu said...

Hey, I know! Let's all just on the band wagon and see how many wedges we can drive between two parents who are trying to remain loving, responsible parents to their children!!

Dakota and Casey, I hope both of you will continue to put the children first, respect each other and ignore people who seem determined to cause problems. I admire your efforts to be as kind to each other as you can. You are teaching the children with every action, word, and facial expression. Strength to you both.

Dakota said...

Thanks, Lynilu. No worries. Some people like to stir up trouble...and sometimes people are just expressing their concern for a friend. Casey and I are doing well, truly.

Anne Marie Segal said...

Was just checking back. Glad to see and hear that you are doing well.
-Anne Marie