Friday, January 15, 2010

A Very Nice Christmas Gift

Hey - in all the drama of my life (not that much has been posted here), I forgot to write that I got the netbook I have been wanting! Casey very generously actually purchased an even newer model, the Samsung NC310 Go Netbook as a Christmas gift for me. This baby is a true beauty. Just look at her:

It has a textured exterior that does not hold the fingerprints the way the shinier model does, plus doesn't slip as easily. It is the perfect size for keeping in the bag I carry around to work all the time. It's just like having a medium-sized hardback book with light and convenient! The nearly full-size keyboard and textured keys are a pleasure to type on, and the screen is sharp and clear.

So far, I have mostly been surfing the internet, doing email, playing music through Pandora, that sort of thing. I did download OpenOffice, a Word-like open access program. I have not used it, yet, but wanted to try it.

The specs are the same as the NC 10 I have written about before, so will not go into that again. I will say that I am not much of computer geek so all of the numbers don't mean much to me. What does mean a lot is that it is fast, easy and comfortable to use. There is no disk drive, but there are lots of USB ports, and the abiity to plug in an exterior drive, as needed. I will probably get one at some point, but do not need it, yet. Might be nice for downloading software easily and for watching movies. The screen would be about like a portable DVD player, so would be fine for viewing for one now and then.

The charge is supposed to last for about 6 hours...which is really long life for a laptop/netbook. Charge time seems fast to me. Downloading time and connecting to wireless internet has been easy. All runs on Windows XP. What else can I say? So far - I love this machine!

I know that we found an amazing sale price on this netbook...better than even the older model was selling for. Yeah Christmas sales! If you are looking for a netbook, this one gets amazing reviews and I can say that I could not be more pleased.

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Lynilu said...

Well, how cool is that??? Very!!!