Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lots to Do!

Doesn't it sometimes seem like a great idea to just hop on the first plane departing your local airport? Whether you ended up in Mexico, or new orleans louisiana, or New York City, you would be somewhere different, on an adventure, and not dealing with the reality of your own life. I do not mean this in the way it might come across. I am not feeling sorry for myself - not much, really. Just that fun is more fun than work, or looking for a job, or figuring out how to get a job and move your family 200 miles away.

Cris Williamson, women's music legend, said in one of her concerts, and at a song-writing workshop I once attended, that work is work, otherwise, they would call it "fiesta." Amen, sister!


Mimi said...

why are we wanting to move 200 miles away? Doesn't your mom live close to you now? just wondering

Dakota said...

Casey's family is about 200 miles away. It is just an option.