Friday, January 08, 2010

Transitions...Week 1

Well, we've pretty much made it through our first week under this transitional structure. The kids and I had a good time last night. They got a bit wild while playing with the various rhythms and sounds on our electric keyboard, and then a rousing game of Trouble did nothing to calm them down. So, it took a bit for them to settle down at bedtime, but it went well.

This weekend I will go play with old friends and not worry too much about adult responsibilities. I am so happy for one of them....she is my age and is getting married for the first time. It certainly appears she held out for the right man. He is a sweetheart, handsome, and has a British accent! (We are all suckers for accents, aren't we?) We are going to go do bridal shows and she will regale me with "straight girl" details that I haven't a clue about, I will nod and smile, and all will be good!

The car is gassed up, I need to do a phone check, and hopefully hit the road before traffic gets too bad. It will be strange to not see my kids, but at least I will be well-distracted. Next visit - Tuesday night. How odd that I am now "visiting" my children. *sigh*

Happy Weekend!

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Lynilu said...

I'm glad to hear it is going smoothly so far. It's a process for sure. Continued good luck to you!