Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Single Mom for the Weekend

Yes, it is true: I played solo parent this past weekend as Wife went off with her friends for an all-girl getaway sans kids and partners. This was her first time ever away from our Little Princess for more than a couple hours. It was also her first chance to not have parental responsibilities in over 6 years. So, the break was far overdue.

I took a bit of time off of work to do the homework I would normally do on Saturday, and starting Friday afternoon, it was just me and the kids! I printed up a schedule, including pictures, so the kids would know what to expect. I planned fun, vacation-like activities so we would have our own special weekend as the other mom was off having fun at the beach.

First, I did once-every-two-week grocery shopping trip with the Little Princess, arriving home in time to meet Boy Wonder's bus. Then it was Pizza and Movie Night, featuring the newly re-released Sleepy Beauty. The waltz lessons in the bonus feature were a big hit! After the movie, I allowed the kids to skip bath and we proceeded with our standard bedtime routine of stories in bed.

Saturday was an all-day trip to the zoo. Big fun was had by all! Lots of money spent! Lots of pictures! Good memories!

Sunday we had an art project - using nature to paint Mom welcome home cards. We had a scavenger hunt in our yard, then used the objects as stamps to paint cards, which I then helped write words in for the Little Princess. Boy Wonder wrote his own message. (Very cool!) We also made cut-out cookies, and decorated them, but not until mom got home, after 3:30 sometime.

What a full and fun weekend! The kids and I did really well together, but we did miss their other mom! (Glad you had a fun weekend, Honey!)

Here is the slideshow Wife put together for us from the pictures I took: (The original is on her blog, along with a slideshow from her weekend. Thanks for doing this, Sweetie!)


(In)Sanity Gal said...

What lucky kids!

Monogram Queen said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!!

Ha haaa that shot of Kaylen before the zebras will be a good one to hold over her head to embarass her when she's a teen!