Sunday, October 05, 2008

Politics or Weather Only?

So, is it good to talk politics with your family, or not? Maybe yes, maybe no......Due to the email discussed in my previous post, I had a very long conversation with the family member who started the whole thing. I realized how dark and scary her world seems. There is too much input from the tv and internet and it is all bad, negative news that she worries about - A LOT. I personally don't think it represents a particularly balanced view....but then, I tend to live at the other end, trying to almost always focus on the positive.

Also as a result of the situation, I spoke with my mom a bit about politics, and remembered other perspective - that of not really caring enough to get passionate about politics. I've certainly been there before....especially before children, but now, as a lesbian who created children with her partner and adopted those children in a legal action not allowed in all states....well, I am more aware now.

It is useful to understand where others are coming from and remember how our lives are all very different. It does mean it is harder to pretend you share the same world view, though. Preserving that fiction is one reason for not talking with family about politics and just focussing on ligher subjects instead - best lowfat ice cream brands, the weather, how to remove blackheads - that sort of thing.

I think I will reserve judgment on the issue for now.

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