Friday, October 24, 2008

More Weekend Thoughts

You might say I am on a roll today. Hey - it's Friday! I can mostly breathe, after fighting a nasty cold for the past two weeks, and I've got movie night to look forward to. Not bad!

Hey, this is strange, but we've not had a family weekend in two weeks! Since Wife was gone last week, we were not together as a family. It is supposed to be nice. As I mentioned, we'll be doing pumpkin carving, raking, maybe a bit of other yard work. The kids can play on their wooden swing sets. Well, OK, they really have only one swing set, and another swing that is on a raised playhouse that we often call a tree house. Our backyard is filled with kid-stuff - the swing set, a plastic play structure, a sandbox, and numerous balls, golf clubs, Frisbees...etc. Add in the dogs toys that are scattered about, and I'd say we have the perfect playground for kids and dogs alike. Of course, mowing becomes a bit of a challenge, and as soon as the rain starts, one with which I will have to deal again. I haven't needed to mow in months. That's been nice, but we are looking forward to the grass getting green again, rather than the mostly brown of the past couple months. About the time the grass is getting green, the brown and orange leaves start to cover it - and really - it is quite beautiful.

Hope it is a nice weekend, wherever you are.


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