Wednesday, October 22, 2008

California's Proposition 8

I was just speaking with one of the Associate Dean's with whom I work and she is as disgusted with what is going on with California's Proposition 8 as I am. She brought it up, in fact. Proposition 8 proposes to write discrimination into the California Constitution by eliminating the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to marry for same-sex couples.

The Mormon church has solicited their members to donate TONS of money towards funding the discriminatory proposition. (Google it -Proposition 8 and Mormons.) Reports say that some families are sacrificing huge amounts of their life-savings in order to support this attempt to save marriage for only men and women. Really? That is what this religion is about - sacrificing a person's own family's security in order to discriminate against others?

Followers somehow really believe that marriage between same-sex couples will ruin the sanctity of heterosexual marriage (whose reputation is clearly pristine...) and are donating like crazy, following the herd. Might as well go ahead and get some cattle supplies, because these folks just don't seem to be thinking for themselves.

I guess that is what many organized religions are about though, isn't it? Having someone in a position of authority telling the followers what God or a Higher Power wants them to do rather than figuring out the right things for themselves. To me, that sounds like what church authorities might want, but not so much what a Higher Power would have in mind.

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Reamworks said...

Some Evangelical Clergy are urging people to vote NO on proposition 8. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that the NO side is gaining ground.

Also, shouldn't Christians be more concerned about the Parental Notification initiative? I think Christians have been bamboozled by out-of-state interests.