Friday, October 24, 2008

Higher Education: A Good Reason to Stay Ignorant

C'mon good headline, right?

I was just listening to a short video by James Ray, who is one of the gurus of the Laws of Attraction. Basically, it is a lot of the power of positive thinking, with a bit of science thrown in to make us True Believers. I love this stuff. There's nothing wrong with focusing on the positive things in life, your goals, and watching them happen.

The message was about not letting yourself drown in the negativity of the economy, politics, global warming....etc. - all the bad stuff we hear in the media, if we listen much at all. I realized I simply don't have the time, nor desire, to get too caught up in it. If I let myself really listen to all the sides, research it all, dwell on it day in and day out, there would be no time left for my school, or homework, and probably no drive left either.

Sure, I think about it some, I read about it some, but it has it's place and I cannot allow it to be all-consuming. I can't keep up on all the daily news, or the latest trends - alli diet pills, $500 shoes, $1000 purses. Really, it's hard enough to keep up on the important things, like Boston Legal and Gray's Anatomy, without listening to a politician's latest lies. I'll take my news in small doses, please.

Now it makes sense, right? Sometimes being ignorant is the best way to become educated.

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