Thursday, January 03, 2008

Toon Town Fun for Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder is having such fun playing Toon Town (online Disney game)! It is nice to see this is not just another present sitting on the floor, only to be played with for five minutes at a time. (He sometimes needs a playmate to help him stay occupied with anything other than computer games. One of the pitfalls of being a first child, I suspect.) Toon Town is so much fun - lots of different things to do, all with underlying tasks to accomplish, should you choose. The Boy often plays this game alone, but prefers one of the Moms to sit with him. Wife plays the game alone, when she gets a chance. She has been able to build up our character's abilities.

One of the games you can play is race car driving. The car, like all good toon gear, gets pulled out of your character's pocket, tossed on the floor, and magically become full-sized. The car you start with is nice, but as I recall you can earn jelly beans to customize it with spoilers, a fancy billet grille, chrome trim, or a nicer paint job. The race, over a country road, is kind of long though, so none of us races very often. If it were shorter, it would probably be more popular with us, because it is fun.

Much of our toon time is spent fishing (to earn jelly beans, which are like money) and fighting cogs, which are like evil robots which are taking over Toon Town. Fights consist of swapping gags like squirts from a seltzer bottle and pies thrown in the face. Lots of good, clean fun!


Lynilu said...

That sounds like such a child-healthy game. My daughter and son are both very conscious of the games they allow their children to play, and I'm so glad.

Dakota said...

Yes - I agree. Even though you are destroying cogs in battle, it is with very unrealistic weapons, and when they are defeated, they blow apart into nuts and bolts, since they are just robots. When you are defeated, your energy and gags are taken, but you just wander around the game to get your energy back, or interact with your pet - nice, positive message there.

Even the fishing is non-violent. You sell your fish to the pet store, and get trophies for various types of fish you've caught.

Patti said...

Sounds like great fun! We have been enjoying Brittany's Wii, my sore old bones can attest.
I think this sounds like alot of fun. I think alot of the gaming industry is finally realizing that violent games are no bueno.