Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...and We're Off!

The new semester has started off with a bang! (Where the heck did that phrase come from...maybe a racing term?) I started my internship yesterday, worked for about 4 hours at my regular job, and experienced two of my four new classes! Wow! What a busy day! So far - so good!

Even though it seems like I am doing a lot of running around, the reality is, I am at a computer most of my days and evenings. If only I had more time at home I could consider using some exercise equipment to work out my body and not just my mind. We have a great treadmill! I suppose walking to and from my car counts for a bit of exercise, but not enough. Perhaps as spring erupts (you know, in a few more months), I can get outside and walk during lunch. I can almost feel the sunshine on my face. Until then....well, I will be doing a lot of parking and walking. Guess that will have to do!


Patti said...

You gotta do what you can.. when you can. I used to be on the second floor and walked the steps but now i'm on the first. Oh well I suppose if I REALLY (I don't) wanted to I could walk up and down the steps anyway.
Aaaahhh you said "spring"!

Lynilu said...

What a busy day! I do hope every day won't be that busy or you'll be a tired kids very soon!

I love winter, but I will admit that I'm looking forward to spring so that I can walk with the dogs and start doing some yard clean up (I didn't have much time for that last year). Actually, I've heard that if you park farther away from the building and walk it is good exercise. Does that help? "D

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Working out? So overrated - I don't like being able to see my own feet, personally. After I was pregnant, seeing my feet reminded me that my Crocs look pretty stupid . . . though, I should also say, I don't really care and wear them anyway.