Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

Ah, January 2008. A whole new year! Wait - that should be capitalized - A Whole New Year! Yes, that is better :) It is time to put the often sad and hard times of 2007 behind us and look to a bright, joyful future. We clean out old clothes and toys, making way for the fruits of Christmas and after-Christmas shopping. We look forward to our tax return, consider our finances, think about new home insurance quotes, and apply for financial aid for the upcoming (and final!) school year. We plot and plan new online businesses, vacations, and the fun family times ahead after a mere 4 months left of classes. We are hopeful that the New Year will be filled with love, laughter, prosperity and fun! We hope that for our family - and for yours!

Happy 2008!!

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Patti said...

Yep sad/bad stuff behind us, new clean slate ahead! Happy 2008!