Friday, January 18, 2008

Nostalgic for the Baby Days

Where does the time go? In only a couple short weeks our Baby Girl turns three years old. How did that happen? It doesn't seem very long ago we were looking at baby cribs and other baby furniture, setting up the room for our pending new arrival. What exciting times those were....all the dreaming and hoping, feeling the new baby kick, preparing our not-quite three-year-old Boy Wonder for his new baby sister. We look back now on the pictures taken around that time and see what a baby he still was himself. Now, "baby sister" is that age. Amazing. Wonderful....and yet, sad that our babies are getting so big.

There's nothing quite like holding a tiny baby, having her fall asleep in your arms, all warm and cuddly against you. New baby smell. Tiny baby clothes. *sigh*

On the other hand, our days of diapers are almost over (our Big Girl only wears a diaper at night, and rarely needs that), both of our kids are strong, healthy and independent. They can do so much for themselves now, and when they are feeling cooperative, are great helpers. We can have real conversations and do real projects with them now. We can play and interact on such totally different levels now, and really see the type of people they are becoming.

This whole parenthood thing is pretty amazing sometimes.


Patti said...

Yes parenthood IS amazing! Although I am glad the bottle/diaper phase is over (well she wears pull-ups most nights also) when I see pictures of her as a tiny baby I get misty eyed and nostalgic. At least we are smart enough to treasure every second!

Mimi said...

Oh wait til she starts school....the first one you are soooo happy taking pictures etc...then the baby goes and you have to hold back tears.....I know my baby is 24

Lynilu said...

Parenthood never stops being amazing! I won't even have any newborn grandbabies to hold and smell, and I do miss that, but the other stages of their lives are always fun and new. It's one of those bitter sweet things, I suppose. Love their progress, hate the loss of babyhood.


newduck said...

I love this post! I'm eight months pregnant and have spent the last seven or so months listening to people tell me horror stories about how awful motherhood is. Reading this makes my day.