Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dreamin' of a Winter Escape

The winter weather has set in, cold, rainy, but no snow. So, all the "yuck" with none of the "yeah!" Wife wants to go to the beach, which is fun during a storm, but as there are snowy mountains between here and there, that is unlikely to happen until the weather warms up. Then, we were thinking, maybe a mountain retreat - play in the snow, enjoy a cozy fire and hot tub after the kids are asleep....but you still have to get there. Both of us HATE driving in even possibly icy conditions. So, there is not likely to be such an escape for us. Given all of that, it is hard not to start thinking about Condo Hotels someplace warm and tropical....or warm and Disney-ish :) For now, with the start of the new semester just three days away, it is just a dream, but it is a good one!

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Patti said...

Hey dreaming is FREE!