Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Love Luggage - A Confession

I believe I have shared my passion for office products on this blog. If not, I should someday, because I know this passion is shared by many. I also love jackets and watches. I don't believe a person can have too many of either one. Something I've not blogged about is luggage. Isn't luggage fun, too? I love messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, and suitcases, and not just because they hint that a trip may be forthcoming. There is something about finding a bag that feels just right on your shoulder, or in your hand, and has all the right pockets and zippers for everything you need. New luggage has that fresh smell, and all the pouches and zippers are so crisp and clean, and then, as it wears in, its like an old friend, you know just where everything fits and what its particular glitches are, and that's OK in a comforting sort of way. Canvas or leather? There is a place for it all! My new rolling computer case has great pockets that I am wishing I'd had all along. There is one called a "ticket pocket" - it is a not-too-deep pocket right at the top that is intended for airline tickets, but is also perfect for a few things you need handy all the time, like keys and ID badges. How did I live without this pocket for 2 1/2 years of law school?


Patti said...

I would love to find an old antique steamer trunk.

Anonymous said...

What kind is it, sounds like a good idea, considering the travelign i might start doing.


Dakota said...

My new bag is a Kensington Contour....we got it on ebags, I think. The wheels are narrow and I am not sure that they are going to wear well on the terrain I travel (paved and unpaved streets, concrete, indoor areas). The reviews overall were good, but if you are going to do much outdoor rolling, you may want to look at something with better wheels. Also, the handle extends nicely and steers well, but does not lock into place well, which is a problem going down hills. Still....I love all of the pockets and space. I can fit two case books side by side, plus have room for my laptop and misc. things (power cord, wallet, glasses, gum..etc.).

Casey said...

Pssst! We got it through Amazon. They had the best price. :)

-Wife (otherwise known as Casey)