Thursday, January 24, 2008

Never to Cold to Play on the Swings

Do you remember when you were a kid how much fun swing sets were? They still are.....I mean for kids. OK, for adults, too, but adults need to stick to the heavy-duty playground versions, not the backyard versions that are not made for us. No, I don't have a story about that.....but I probably would if Wife and I did not use discretion in this matter.

Anyway, the point I was getting to is that 30 degrees is not too cold to go outside and play on the swing set if you are our Little Princess. Several times in the past week, she has headed out to go play on the swing set, despite that Wife and I are freezing every time we step outside. Little Princess needs to be reminded to put on a coat and shoes. She will go out wearing very little, or nothing, actually.

NO! "You have to put on clothes...and a coat....and your boots.....some mittens and a hat would be good, too." Fortunately, she loves to play dress up, and a chance to get into the "winter bag" (where we keep all the scarves, gloves, hats and mittens) is big fun!

Silly, wonderful little girl!


MMC said...

Never too cold because Little Princess doesn't live in the Great White UP (Canada), I imagine. ;-)

Swinging was my favourite thing to do as a kid. We had the real heavy duty swing set made with wood and ropes that even an adult could swing on. Damm, I miss that thing! Thanks for the memories. So what year of Law School are you in?

Dakota said...

Good points. I should probably point out that we live in an area that doesn't often get below freezing, so we think 30's are quite cold. We are wimps!

I am a 3rd year evening law student. 2.9 more semesters to go!

Patti said...

Funny mine doesn't ever find it too cold to go out either. Mommy does though. Brrrr.....

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I find that modern-day playgrounds are so LAME in comparison to the old ones. Whatever happened to a good set of monkey bars that you could fall off of (and break your arm) while having the time of your life? Now they've taken most of the good stuff out of playgrounds in the interest of safety. I mean, as a kid, it used to be your JOB to break your limbs . . . whatever happened to that?

MMC said...

My older brother had that 'job' down pat, as I recall. Two broken wrists (at the same time) from chasing somebody while playing tag on the playground equipment. Still, it was all just a part of growing up. Hopefully all in one piece. ;-)

Good luck with your last year, Dakota.