Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Short Round of 5 Things...

OK - I accepted an unofficial tag from Patti. Seemed like a fun way to spend a bit of my lunch time:

5 Things I Never Pictured Myself Doing When I Was 25:

- Going to law school

- Going to law school while working full-time

- Going to law school while working full-time and raising two children with my wife of over 13 years

- Thinking 7 animals in our family is normal, and it feeling weird as the number has gone down

- Sitting with my pink-loving, princess-dress-wearing daughter having a tea party and helping her feed all of her various (mostly pink) babies and friends. (Sweet, right?)

5 Places I'd Like to Visit Before I Die:

-Disneyland (yes, again and again and again!)
-Machu Picchu


Lynilu said...

I'm having to laugh at myself, because I considered tagging you with that, but I decided that you were probably to busy for the nonsense! Now I get it ... you are nonsensical, too!!! LOL!!

Patti said...

Sometimes it is surreal is it not?
The changes our lives take..

I got the wheels rolling on going back to school for the Fall semester yesterday :)

Dakota said...

Lynilu - there's almost ALWAYS time for nonsense!

Patti - Good for you! I wish you all the best!