Friday, December 11, 2009

Toy Story Mania

Christmas bells are ringing, lists to Santa are on their way, the tree has been trimmed, the smell of baking cookies is in the air, carols are being sung, and there is a possibility of snow this weekend. Although it certainly does not feel as much like Christmas around our house as it usually does by now, it looks like Christmas. Presents hidden tell me we are getting close. The excitement in our kids eyes when they talk about Santa tells me we are getting very close, but not quite close enough for their liking.

On lists this year, since we finally got a Nintendo Wii console, are new Wii games. Well, maybe they are not actually on the lists, but we know new Wii games are always winning choices. I probably enjoy them as much as the kids. I think I like Mario Kart even more!

One of the ones I think would be fun is the new Toy Story Mania by Disney/Pixar. This is a game inspired by the movie, and the attraction in the California Adventure theme park. Players engage in 10 carnival-like shooting galleries, plus 30 mini games. Bonus level unlocks some fun-sounding 3-D play.

As a lover of all things Disney, this is an easy choice for me, and I am sure one the kids would enjoy, too. Not quite sure if it will find its way under the tree this year, but maybe! This has been put on sale in time for Christmas gift-giving and can probably be found for a pretty good price right now.

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