Friday, December 04, 2009

Getting Into the Spirit

This is one of my favorite Christmas albums - Christmas Eve and Other Stories by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was released in 2006, so can be found on sale for under $12. The song that most people will be familiar with is probably Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24.

The album notes explain that this is a concept album where each song builds upon the previous like chapters of a book.

"The plot here is of a young angel sent down to Earth to find and bring back to the Lord "the one thing that best represents everything good that has been done in the name of this day." The angel's quest takes him all over the world, through Russia and Sarajevo, until he finally hears the prayer of a father."

The album mixes instrumentals and vocals, new sounds with familiar seasonal favorites, and is simply outstanding. I love the rock opera feel, lots of electric guitar, but it's done in a really complex way. I don't know enough about music to adequately describe the Trans Siberian Orchestra sound, but I know what I like, and I really like this.

We brought our Christmas music out of the garage before Thanksgiving, along with many of the Christmas decorations. I was happy to toss this CD into my car where it will live for the rest of the month, as it has for the past three years during December. Perfect for popping into the CD player for a good dose of the Christmas season!


Lynilu said...

TSO just simply rocks! Especially the Christmas music. I'm with you on this. And I have no idea how to describe it either, but once you hear it, no explanation is necessary.

blur_ said...

Reminds me to listen to my favorite christmas compilation - an import I don't remember how or when I bought, called Christmas Wishes. With Band Aid, Wham! and Queen all on one disk, how can you go wrong?

Of course it's not so easy to listen to it as it has in Decembers past - I don't have a car to pop the disk into anymore, so I'll have to cozy up on the couch with it on my iPod.