Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Recognition of the Mundane

This is generally the time of year that work slows down as more and more people take time off for their Christmas vacation. This is normally a great time to get a lot done; all the little things that pile up and get pushed aside as low priority items. This year, I have to admit I am having a great deal of trouble concentrating. Between personal life issues, student loan repayment juggling (forebearance approved on my largest chunk of loans - yes!), networking and concerns about finding work and in which city that work needs to be, there just doesn't seem to be much brain-power left. Then I get calls from people wanting me to do life insurance comparisons, or take a survey. Really? Not so much happening, people. So, I will spend my time seeking the mundane tasks that I can do in my sleep and hope the real challenging things can wait a bit. Maybe it is best I do not have a new, exciting, challenging job right now.


Lynilu said...

That's true, too many big events close together can put a person under. You don't have the luxury of sitting still and licking your wounds! Aren't you glad you already had a job so you're not totally without income while you're looking for the real deal?

Good luck with it all.

Lynilu said...

Uh, and Merry Christmas, too!