Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Charge of a Monday

It was a nice weekend. Wife and I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife, which was quite good, especially given the complexity of the book. We did a bit of Holiday shopping, spent some good family time together, and I even managed to clean some of the gutters. Perhaps the next rain storm will not lead to a week's worth of dripping from the gutter onto our patio as said gutter overflows!

Some days it is hard to keep a positive perspective on the job search, or maybe I should just call it "Project Network." Although there is an occassional non-lawyer job posted that I could, and do, apply for, by and large that is not how people get jobs, and really not how new lawyers get hired. It's mostly word-of-mouth, unless you were fortunate enough to actually have clerked for a place in a position to make a job offer. I did not.

At any rate, I did not give in to the "blahs" today! I wanted to, but instead I took a walk in the chilly November air, then sent out 6 emails to folks to whom I've been referred, and actually did conduct one brief informational interview. Now, I have the ball rolling for the week! Yeah, me!

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