Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Networking Happenings

Networking update - again, I remain grateful for the generosity of those willing to spend time offering advice and insight to me as a new graduate and job hunter. My progress this week has involved eight outgoing emails, responses on about half, one completed informational interview, two new contact names, four names that I already had (second referrals) and three people who all want to call me tomorrow. Friday seems to be the meeting day for these busy attorneys. I was also reminded of three professional organizations that I needed to look into for activities and other information. I also listened to one Career Services workshop session regarding networking.

One interesting thing that has happened in the course of my conversations is that another field of law related to environmental law, tribal law, has been suggested to me as a possible area to pursue. This interests me greatly, and is a good fit with my undergrad studies. So many possible paths on this journey!

So, for those of you looking, as I am, or those still in school who may someday find yourself in my position, this is what I'm doing about a month after being sworn in. I certainly remain optimistic that the right contact is just around the corner, or has maybe even already been made. All it takes is just one person, at the right time.

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yankeegirl said...

I'm getting ready for finals here, and pulling my hair out over the slim pickings for next semester! I'm excited for you and I'm sure you're right- you will make the right connection soon! :)