Friday, November 20, 2009

Slacker Finally Posting

OK, so its been a slow posting week. Would you believe my dog ate my update? No?

Seems like time for a Friday update.

What has the week held? Well - hop on over to Wife's blog to see cute pictures of the kids' visit with Santa a couple days ago. We are already on the third Santa visit of the year. This one was at Picture People and was pretty adorable. (I've already blocked out the memories of the kids' crazy behavior posing for pictures when Santa was not in the room.)

Last night we attended the Harvest Festival at Boy Wonder's school. It was a spaghetti feed, with carnival games, raffles, bake sale and autumn photos. This was all thanks to the PTO, which Wife is Co-President of, and the wonderful volunteers. It was a very successful event, and the kids had a great time playing games, winning prizes, and then for Boy Wonder, trading them with his friends. He seems to have reached an age where trading things is a lot of fun. He's even trading in his Build-a-Bear Bearville online computer game.

On the networking front I attempted or actually made email contact with about 9 people, completed 2 informational interviews, received about 6 new contact names. Although I am currently so tired that it is hard to feel enthusiastic about anything, I think it was overall a pretty good week.

Happy Weekend everybody!

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