Friday, November 06, 2009

My Week in Review

So, we've reached another Friday.

My week did not end as well as it started.

Boy Wonder has been out of school, experiencing a fever all week. Doc checked him on Tuesday for possibilities of pneumonia, but he's clear - Thank God - and cough seems to be getting better.

Only spoke with two attorneys this week on the networking road, but do have two more set up for next week, and one that is on constant reschedule. I have several emails out there awaiting responses. I sent three new ones today.

Student loans have me in a state of panic/depression/run-for-the-border and change my name. I am looking into my options, and although it seems bad now, I think it will actually end up OK, or close to OK. Clearly, when I entered law school, and took on so much debt, I did not count on the economy being in the toilet. Eventually, the tide will turn, and I know I will be happy for my fancy credentials. Today, well, the tide is out.

Here is something good about this week:
Jake Drake: Class Clown. This is a chapter book that I started reading to the kids at bedtime this week. Wife found it for Boy Wonder. It is a fun book - about a second-grader trying to deal with a grumpy student teacher who won't smile and is making everyone's life miserable. He finds power in becoming the class clown. I think I may be enjoying it even more than the kids, although, Little Princess was laughing out loud, slightly hysterical, at the antics two nights ago.

Yes, that is a good thing.

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