Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Today's confession: I apparently am about 12.

Ever attend one of those meetings that you are sure is going to be all talk and no substance, and then sit across from a friend that you've recently talked to about playing Bullsh*t Bingo at said meeting? Yes, me too - yesterday. My friend and I should not have sat across from each other where we could catch each other's eye, because that was all it took to nearly send me into spasms of laughter. I was so close to losing it entirely. I tried looking at the floor, the ceiling, my can of Coke. I tried thinking of serious subjects. I settled for nearly biting my tongue in half while thinking, "You are a professional. Pull yourself together." You got it - that just made it worse.

Remember the "Chuckles the Clown" funeral scene from Mary Tyler Moore? OK, many of you are too young for that reference. There was something more recent.....George's funeral on Gray's Anatomy. I was afraid that was where I was headed yesterday - totally inappropriate laughter over something that wasn't even funny.

Ah, good times.

Maybe today I can snicker if someone says the word "duty."


Lynilu said...

You crack me up! Been there so many times I can't even tell you.

And I had to laugh about your reference to others being too young to remember the MTM show reference. Since I remember MTM when she was on the Dick Van Dyke Show even longer ago!! I often use some reference to something that might be before someone's time, for good reason. You really brought it home to me with this since I'm sure you're the age of my kids.... and referencing "too young"!!!

Dakota said...

Ha! I am pretty sure I just went through law school with people who were born the year I graduated from high school.


Lynilu said...

I know, that was my experience, too. Sometimes amusing, sometimes aggravating, sometimes just sad!!! LOL!