Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Networking Update

It appears that I am finally getting the upper hand on what has probably been a case of H1N1. Beyond the first couple days of being mostly miserable, it just left me, and Wife, wiped out. Today, it is actually past noon and I am still functioning well. Boy Wonder has had a relapse, so we are watching him closely for signs of a secondary infection, but so far, appears to be either another bug, or an actual relapse. We've been in touch with his doc so we know what to watch for in case he needs to be seen.

I had mentioned tracking the job search here, but then last week was pretty much a lost week all around. This week, I have already made two phone appointments for informational interviews and completed one of them. The other would have been completed yesterday, but the other attorney got tied up, so we had to reschedule. ("Other attorney" - that sounds pretty good, right?)

I have over 40 people on my networking list - some I have met and/or spoken with, others are names that have recently been given to me and I still need to contact. Everyone I have spoken with has been so generous with their time and ideas, and many have offered names of colleagues they think may be able to offer useful advice. There is much good work being done out there, I just have to find my way in!

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Lynilu said...

"Other attorney" sound good, indeed!

You'll find your way. It is probably frustrating that all these things seem to be happening, slowing the process, but it will happen. Just concentrate on getting completely well!