Friday, November 20, 2009

Leapster Mania

I may occasionally bash electronics for kids, but let me set the record straight. Sometimes, I love them and believe they can be great learning tools...OK, and babysitters. Take for instance the Leapfrog Leapster. This is a wonderful toy that both of our kids loved! It is a handheld computer device that operates various game cartridges, much like a beginning model of a Nintendo Gameboy or DS.

The Leapster is for younger kids than these other two devices though, and is actually designed to be educational. There are games that help with learning numbers, alphabet, shapes, math, spelling and more. Many cartridges are themed around popular characters or movies, like Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, and the Disney Princesses.

Boy Wonder's Leapster, that he got at about age 3, was green, and he used to play it for hours. As he got older, we bought more advanced games to fit his readiness level and interests. Our Little Princess started messing around with her brother's games far before she could understand them, but once she did, she realized they were "boy" games and wanted ones more suited to her. We got her a few "girl" games, and eventually a pink Leapster, partly to make her happy, but mostly because between the two of them, the old one had taken quite a beating and did not always function properly anymore. This is not to say they are easily breakable. They are not. These are tough toys, made for real kids that do play rough sometimes.

I love that the Leapster allows the kids to play video games while learning really important skills, plus, it is perfect for keeping them busy while waiting in lines, riding in the car, sitting in a restaurant, or just any time. It's the right time of year to find a Leapster on sale at many places. This is one toy you will not be sorry you bought!


Heather said...

this is what is up in teh office ready to be wraped from Santa for our two little ones. What games were good?

Dakota said...

Casey - help me out, here. Names of the games? Which did Kelton like best and which has Kaylen liked best?

Casey said...

Kaylen loves Disney Princess (and it has helped her with letter recognition and writing) She also loves Clifford Reading and Dora Wildlife Rescue.

Kelton loved Thomas the Train, Letter Factory and Numbers on the Run (I think Numbers is a 1st grade level. The rest are preschool level.) Kelton has outgrown the Leapster but those were his favorites.

Hope this helps.

Heather said...

Thanks I'll be sure to tell JoAnn. I just saw the Thomas one the other day and I thought it would be great for Devin. BrookeLyn got the princess one that came with it and figure get her a couple more.