Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wife's Birthday Fun!

Wow - two date nights within a month! Alert the press! We're livin' now!

We had quite the busy day in our family. First, it was breakfast, cards and a present in bed for the Wife - with lots of help from the kids for every part of it. Later, Boy Wonder went to a Christmas party with his uncle, a 4- year tradition for them. Big fun was had. Baby Girl, or should I say The Little Princess, attended a Princess Tea Party at Grandma's and had a wonderful time. She was so darn cute! (See Wife's blog - for link - scroll down and look on the left side bar.)

Later there was a picnic lunch on the floor with the kids, followed by presents, some vegging on the couch, cake and ice cream, and finally, the arrival of the babysitter! Wife and I did a bit of shopping at the mall, unencumbered by little ones, then had drinks and appetizers, followed by a brief trip to Target. (We know how to party!) It was a really nice time. Wife got some fun presents, granted, there were no diamond rings, but there was a really great Mommy Bracelet with the kids' names spelled out in block letters and surrounded with silver beads and birthstones.

It was a relaxing night out for mommies, and the kids had a good time, too. All in all, I do believe the day was a success!


patti_cake said...

So glad you had a nice time together i'd love to see a pic of that bracelet!

P.S. I'm very very sorry about your puppy loss. :(

Anonymous said...

Was the bracelet supposed to be a surprise...cuz, uh, the web is, uh, public...

;) - Anne

Casey said...

It was a surprise...she didn't write about it until *after* I had it. :)