Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays are Happenin'

It was a Merry Christmas in our home! Santa delivered the perfect kitchen to our Little Princess and Boy Wonder was thrilled with a year-long subscription to Toon Town. He filled adult stockings with fun and useful items, and after inspecting all of the Santa goodies, we took our time opening gifts from each other. Each item was carefully inspected, played with and appreciated....OK, well....we did have to slow down the Boy more than once, but it all worked out. Mid-morning, my Mom and Step-Dad arrived for breakfast and a gift-exchange. The kids were thrilled with the Toobeez set (like Giant Tinkertoys for those old enough to remember them) and with having the grandparents to themselves. It was a really great morning, followed by lots of play time and a family get together late in the day. We spent Christmas night having dinner with a big portion of the family at my sister's house. She could use plasma lifts to get the flat screen tv up off the floor, but thankfully, we spent very little time watching tv and lots of time visiting.

I've now had 7 days off of work, with a few more to go. What a great vacation! Hope everyone's Holidays are going as spendidly as mine!


patti_cake said...

I am so glad you are having a wonderful vacation and holiday!!! Enjoy!

Lynilu said...

I'm having a great time, but you have the fun of having the kids to watch! I'm jeanous! :)

Lynilu said...

Uh, excuse my fingers ... that should say I'm jealous. I am jeanous, but I normally spell it genius. Not today!!! LOL!